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A person works hard his entire life trying to reach a stage wherein he can be an expert in his domain. But the truth is no person becomes an expert in anything ever. The moment a person thinks of himself as an expert is a day when he loses the yen that is needed to go in life. The beautiful thing about perfection is that no matter how hard one tries. One can never attain it because it is not a destination. It is a path that leads to the goal.

Life is a work in progress and it never attains a final stage. There is no defined final stage. It is something that we formulate in order to put a full stop to things. One should not get worked up thinking that they would never be able to be a perfectionist at something. One must be determined enough to remove the pride and ego that is developed while working in a field. It is important to stay grounded and always work upon things like a newbie. What good is a person who is not updated to the latest things that are going on? The best thing about knowledge is that it removes the rigidity that is created in life as one age. Staying in touch with things and being open to all kinds of views is important. One must never forget that no matter how much knowledge a person has, he can still find another individual one level above. There should not be unnecessary competition created everywhere. Not everyone participates in a race to win, some people do it for the love of it. No matter they win or lose, they always learn something new from every race they take in part in.

It is normal not to be an expert on anything. There is no use being an expert just for certain tags and privileges. Being true to oneself is the most integral characteristic that should stay until the end.