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There are issues surrounding everyone but the way in which these issues are handled form a major part of the occurrence of events in our lives. We gravitate towards things that we think about and if we think of things in a negative manner then more negativity is bound to follow us. We should ensure that the things that are being proceeded in an approach that makes us more accountable. There are things that we do to grow and there are things that seem to make us grow but in reality, they just complicate our lives.

We need to distinguish between the former and the latter by incorporating things that must be done to see ourselves in a better position than what we were yesterday. It is absolutely useless to destroy the present by thinking of the deeds done in the past. No matter how hard we try to re-think and change the past. It would not change. We must settle our differences and persuade our colleagues to bring this change as well. This cannot be done in a single day, but it requires a lot of patience and grit to be gathered to incorporate the change. We need to set examples for others and ensure that nothing is misinterpreted by anyone. Surviving is not hard if one keeps positivity around. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in the path of life. However, the wrongs will never matter if the rights are there to counter them. We need to find happiness in everything and ensure that there is nothing that is altering our pace. The prediction of all these negativities is not easy and one might face trouble while recognizing the reality of things. Mistakes should be treated as lessons and they should be kept in mind while executing things on any level. Life offers everyone a chance to improve and bring out the best in oneself but if we become too blind to notice anything then it’s our fault.

The pressure of competing with everyone should be kept aside. We are here to live to the fullest and not run in the world of competition where there is an endless comparison between people and struggle to stand out thereby leading to the spread of hatred and negativity. People with different attributes can sustain together only if they try hard enough to use the energy in coming together rather than in fighting for the situation.