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Good work is synonymous with achieving tasks within a stipulated amount of time, once the time exceeds or the outcome is not up to the mark, nothing really matters. The ones who follow a girandole composition for doing a task never really last for a long time. We need to be fecund candidates pursuing better opportunities. Applying proper organization and management skills to the task also play an integral role to avoid the pell-mell that kicks in.

The foremost task is to organize affairs in a sensible fashion on the basis of their deadlines or priority. Apart from the basic task of keeping an agenda list or a checklist to keep a track of all the tasks, one must also plan some short-term and long-term goals to proceed towards a bigger motive in life.

The organization of commodities is equivalently essential; we have been in situations wherein we are unable to find the desired commodity due to the forgetful nature that we facilitate all the time. Arranging commodities on the basis of their similarities makes things much easier. Maintaining a Filofax to jot down the things that hold importance is a life savior in situations of crisis. The undergirding of the entire situation depends on the number of efforts taken to coax oneself towards a better way of living with all the stuff in the designated place.

There is a 21-day rule which says that in order to inculcate a new habit, one must continue to do it for 21 days without fail. The atrocities of life should not intervene in the continuity of the cycle else everything falls back to zero. Achieving a goal becomes a lot easier when it is divided into small chunks and then working upon these individual chunks to achieve the main goal much faster and in a less painstaking way.

Once a person makes his way to an organized life, there is no turning back. It is an addiction to lead a better life.