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We are well versed with the story of the Hare and the Tortoise where the slow and steady motion of the tortoise bursts the braggadocio of the hare that is developed due to the over-confidence that pertained to the swift motion with which it moved. But the moral really did emphasize an important aspect of live wherein walking slowly and weighing everything properly in life can be a way by which important decisions can be taken. The key to slow and persistent attitude is a win-win in many ways and might be the most basic advice that all successful people come up with.

The fact of walking slowly does not mean delayed actions and absence of promptness in situations that ask for it, it is an overall concept that makes things simpler in the long run. The quality of being consistent without developing an ego and a wrong attitude that would stifle one’s growth is a talent that only a few possess. The real strength in life comes from picking up all the valuable lessons that we learn while walking on the path towards our goal and applying this knowledge and also by realizing the value of the afflatus. There is no specific trick to be deciphered during this process, however, one must always remember the point from where it all starts. The destination is always known, but the way in which the path changes is the real game-turner. We must ensure that we do not sleep or let the time pass away before someone else grabs the opportunity. It does not have to be a race every time, but there are limited resources and opportunities that lead us to the desired goal.

One must not exacerbate the situation with overthinking and the other devils that accompany it. The competence of a person is checked during these hard situations that are not ephemeral in the long run. The lacuna of life should be filled with valuable learnings and the right spirit of not giving up and going with the flow of life even though slowly but at least trying to finish the started task is a must.