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There is a yen in us that forces us to live a life wherein we can pursue our interests. We are among those lucky people on the planet who get a chance to live and follow whatever drives them. Not everyone is that lucky to pursue whatever they feel like, a lot of people have restrictions that force them to do whatever the elders tell them to do. But that isn’t a fair and long term investment when it comes to choosing a career because one day we always get to face a choice between what we have to do and what we want to do so instead of getting stuck in a complicated network of interest we should distinguish and follow whatever our heart wishes us to do.

If our days are limited on the planet then we must proceed to do the things that are close to us because there is so much to do and so less time to do it all. No matter how bad a thing goes, there is always scope for improvement. One should not fear or feel low because of these small things in life. We cannot be perfect in everything and nor can we obtain the entire chunk of knowledge in a single day. Therefore, a categorization is necessary to distinguish between the tasks that are to be done at the present moment and the tasks that are to be done in the future so that there is no confusion and stress that is laded upon an individual. There is no limit to the number of great tasks an individual can do for reaching a particular level in life. There is a myriad of tasks that can be done so that a person learns the true value of life. We are fortunate enough to be among the people whom we love and it is an absolute pleasure of being at what stage we are right now because the world can be such a bitter place for a lot of people if the steps are miscalculated and wrong entities are trusted to rely upon. There is no scope for losing in front of the tasks that are presented to us for we have only this lifetime to prove our strength and make a mark to be remembered.

It is a time to shine and coruscate the world with our charm hard work and dedication. There is no scope of procrastinating things to other days for there will be a time when there will be nothing to rely upon and barely any time to do the things that one likes.