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There is a considerable age gap between us, and our parents and this age gap results in the difference in opinions and mindset about the way in which the situations are supposed to be dealt with. There is only one way in any such situation that can be resolved and that is to find a common ground where both the generations can mutually agree to the situation. There is often an argument wherein the elders put forth the “experience tag” claiming that they have seen the world more than us and therefore they are right in the scenario. The reality, however, depends on the fact that how many such experiences have been encountered and how they have been dealt with.

Our parents have gone through the days wherein no modern equipment was available to deal with complex situations and do them easily. We often take our parents’ concerns as restrictions and overprotection. However, all they do is care for us and make sure that we are doing the right thing. They have all the right to scold us if we are doing wrong and support us when they are proud of us. The generation gap must not be treated as wronging our parents because they do not know much about the tech world. They taught us the basics of everything, and so do they deserve to learn about the basics of the modern contraptions that have made life easier. A relationship with parents should not be that of teaching and getting taught, it should be a reciprocator relationship wherein both children and parents learn from each other and coagulate their efforts to lead things in a better way in each other’s lives rather than restricting.

We must respect their point of view and appreciate the struggle that they went with in order to give us an opulent life. There should be mutual appreciation and a feeling of home when it comes to dealing with our parents. They should be equally involved in all our decisions and our equation in life.