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Everything around is based on the input of love in one way or the other. There are so many things that are flourishing just because love existed there in the first place. It is impossible to think of a world that was solely relying on the feeling of hatred and jealousy between people. Think of it, a world where no one could trust the other person for anything and a world wherein even if a person tried to be nice, the others would think of it as a bait to do them any harm. It would be a nightmare if things kept falling apart that way. Therefore, one must realize the foundation of everything that we have.

Humans have existed for long now and yet there stands an unsaid bond between people even if they have not met before. A smile is the default emotion that gets triggered when two unknown people meet. This is because even psychologically we promote things that are positive. It is almost impossible to start hating a person for no reason at all on the first meet. This is because deep down, everyone is the same, a product of love. No matter how complicated this feeling might get, it is considered to be the best one out of all. The way a mother nurtures her child and helps him in fighting all the problems that come in the way stands synonymous with the basis of love and the most majestic relationship that is ever shared on the planet.

The people who realize the value of this beautiful relationship are the luckiest people in the world. No one can survive if there is no mutual admiration, trust, and friendship between people. We fail to survive a single day without the support of people whom we love. Everything feels like a prison if there is nothing but loneliness in life. But most of the time, much of all of this love is taken for granted because of the endless things that are done at both ends. We need to remember that it takes a lot of effort to do things which may seem too easy for one person but doing it for another person is altogether another deal that not all can master. No plant bears any fruit if the hard work and the love of the farmer are spent on doing a great deal of work in the field. The way in which the farmer yields the crop by the virtue of patience and efforts cannot be ever understood by anyone else.

The world flourishes in love and it is this love that needs to spread across without thinking about any geographical barriers.