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We resonate frequency in everything that we do, and this frequency is considered to be a really important factor for attracting and repelling other frequency waves that try to coincide. Whenever we think of positive things and work in a determined fashion. Things are attracted corresponding to that frequency and good things happen that way whereas if we are low and think in a negative way then all we attract is negativity. We are what we think and that formulates what is going to happen to us.

We find elderly people asking us to find positive in everything that we do and the reason behind that is this phenomenon. Nothing in life happens out of the blue, our brain processes it as per the behavior of things, but it still lacks the ability to bring about the prediction factor into it. Subconsciously we decide what is going to happen to us. Now, no one actually plots something bad would happen to them, but it is the thinking process that formulates everything, and we do not even get to know about it. The real deal is to think of things that make one happy in the long run and try to include time for these things in one’s daily routine. This keeps overthinking at bay. Mistakes and failures are a regular part of our lives and we must learn from them rather than feeling guilty about them every time. Taking help from people to divert one’s mind is important since everything cannot be done at one’s end. Framing the right mindset to deal with everything is important. Everyone gets hurt but the amount of pain depends on how much we let it influence us. Situations undulate but one must own a fiduciary heart that keeps the spirit in the right place.

The genial combination of right and wrong must be made in every situation that we find. It is through this that we will get the desired result of the things and the mind will not maunder off to places in crisis. Breathing through the good and bad things in life is important, choking is not an option.