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Every human reaches a stage where he is surrounded by situations that are unavoidable and there is a feeling of helplessness that settles in. We are given these tasks that we cannot refuse, nor we can escape them and there is no other way. The only option that is left behind is to face them even if they lead to a huge fall. Every hero needs to fall and face his worst fears every now then and they do not come with a choice but an obligation of the circumstances. These situations make us meet our worst enemy that lies deep inside our mind making us fear and giving us a hard time every time we even think about it. There is an added pressure of being emotionally strained to a level wherein the brain gets exhausted and there are not many things that can be done to solve it.

So, when the situation calls for it, there must be a fall, to rise above again and conquer all the enemies and liberate them. A stronger soul is not developed on its own for that it needs to be strained and tested in situations and these are the situations that are fed to it. For there must be lost before a great win. It is a part of life, where the fittest survives and thrives and if there are issues then one must spend more time to rectify them and not consider it the end of the journey.

The fall also brings out a lot of positivities. It eliminates all the shot-clogs from our lives and the ones who are just in our lives for their mutual benefit for these people will never be tenacious to a person who is falling in life. It brings about the real people who matter to us and makes us cherish them. The fall, although hard, is a necessary evil that makes us learn the value of things that we take for granted in our course of life. It comes up with lessons that we can incorporate in the future and tell others about it. After the fall, there is always a rise, a dawn of a new person who has evolved ideas and a better perspective of looking at life. A stronger human is born who is ready to conquer the world with his will and valor.