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There are a few things in life that leave a lasting impression on our minds, one of them being if someone unexpectedly does good to us. The effect of this wonderful gesture remains intact and also gives us a yen to reciprocate the same to the others. It is a proven fact that we tend to believe in a tit-for-tat policy when we consider the behavior of the people, a person who is always considerate will not get hate in return. The best thing about doing good to others is the pacifying characteristics that it carries.

The world is built on good relations and extreme co-operation between people belonging to different ethnicity and geographical locations, everyone is different in their own ways because of the presence of a lot of attributes and yet they are all hung together by a single string, the string of humanity. The logical interpretation of every volition depends directly or indirectly on the way we deal with the things that are passed onto us. The way we are treated is the foundation of all the relationships that we share.

We can amplify this effect by treating others with love and respect, a basic lesson taught as moral values to everyone while growing up and it is not even too hard to practice in real life. Consider the situations and hardships of the others before judging them for anything. Be helpful to others even if they do not ask for it, some people are too scared or embarrassed to seek help, but the circumstances kill them from the inside. Everyone in this world has a different way of dealing with things so there cannot be one right way for resolving an issue, it cannot stay the same. Every situation is a dynamic task, so it cannot stay the same forever, believe in doing good and being good and see the world will be a better place.