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Whenever we lose something all we end up thinking about is the massive amount of complexities and pain that triggers along. The pessimistic soul in us takes over and pulls the other one down. One must always take a lesson from each unfortunate incident that we become a part of. The loss that we witness is a temporary pain followed by a humbling attitude that brings in an additional comfort of being experienced in life. Experience is not gained by aging; it is an outcome of the mistakes we make and losses that we witness.

A maturity level cannot be defined without a proper context justifying the root of all the actions. The pain of a loss also helps in avoiding the same pattern of problems that come knocking in. There is no loss above the feeling of gratitude and ecstasy that life offers. Believing in oneself and finding a happy way to turn every flaw into an added advantage should be a life goal.
The vulnerabilities of life should not be confused with one’s weaknesses. Loss is a hurdle on the path of success which must be taken with a right spirit, weighing out every situation is a must.

Demeaning someone based on one’s loss is an absurd criterion to stifle someone with. Never rebuke an idea before even trying to pursue it. Prejudiced opinions spoil the entire impact of the situation. Staying motivated towards the main goal helps to avoid the labile circumstances that are carried upon.