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The true value of nothing is anticipated correctly until we get to know what is on the inside. It is just like a packed gift; a person holds a great amount of expectations from a gift. However, nothing can be actually said until the gift is opened. The true worth of the gift is found when it is finally opened. People in life should be judged in the same manner. It is difficult to say anything until the person is known throughout.

A lot of people judge other people on the basis of their physical appearance. It is not necessary that the physical attractiveness may reciprocate to the actual attractiveness in terms of one’s traits. This is the gift of life, the real gift is the traits that one exhibits and not the exoteric mask that one decorates. We spend our entire lives and money on trying to fix the mask so that the other’s can see it and not point out the wrong. The things that we do not perform are fixing the inside that needs a lot of healing and developing in terms of the demeanor that we present to the others. Everything is done on a superficial level to ensure that there is no standing out from the crowd. The gift of life has been wrongly interpreted and everyone is following the wrong interpretation blindly. The blinding way in which everything proceeds corresponds to generations of people misleading each other. Everyone should aim to be beautiful from the inside by trying to be good to others and bringing about the best in each other through collaborative efforts. We need to learn to understand everyone’s point of view and try to help them solve the problems they are stuck in. We are unknowingly connected to a lot of people in the world. There is no way in which we can rise by pulling others down. The only way to succeed is by mutual growth and make the world a happier place.

The gift of life should be cherished and rightly polished so that real beauty that lies on the inside is enhanced and looked forward to.