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We never assume ourselves to be in other’s situations and often scrutinize the valor of life with which things are proceeded and henceforth the world runs with the imbalance of workload in our minds. Other people seem to be doing easy jobs and earning well in comparison to us where we are literally soaked in work. Well, the sad reality often weighs to the conclusion that nothing in life is easy, switching shoes in place of another might seem to be the logical task. However, we must realize that there are so many chances that the shoe won’t even fit us. The world gives an opportunity for everyone to be unique and stand out in front of others. But only the people who get the chance to grab this opportunity and portray their skills in the best way possible.

Even the most basic tasks that we see our folks doing every day take a lot of effort when they are repeated every day without any addressing or appreciation. We tend to start hating the job and avoid it altogether. However, our parents do not back-out. Everyone is a child in this world, they need promotion and appreciation for whatever tasks they are doing. Otherwise, the equilibrium is affected badly and everyone in the system gets affected.

Whatever we do in this world has to make sense at some point or the other and the moment people start taking it for granted, they ruin things for themselves and face the impacts once the person is no more there to do it.
The cycle of facilitating is extremely important to be implemented in life, spreading happiness and taking things to a level wherein everyone is mutually benefited and works in an environment where they feel light and not get stressed about the atrocities of life.