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Every work that does involves an entire cycle of brainstorming, making up the mind to do work, executing the plan and then providing the inputs to get the final result. After the end of the cycle, we wait for the result to be verified and entertain feedback as well. If this does not work accordingly, a series of events fold up with disparaging confidence in the end which stops the course of the tasks to be performed. There exists a complicated network when it comes to pride, confidence and being grounded. The three characteristics are interconnected and alter the way of pursuing things.

‘Jules Renard’ has rightly said that being modest is the kind of pride that is least likely to offend. Many people associate pride with ego and an aggressive attitude. Too much of everything is fatal and too much of pride builds up ego and an overwhelming feeling that leads to the downfall of the character of a person before it is properly established. The negative kind of pride is also known as hubris and it is the characteristic that is responsible for breaking the path towards success. It involves over-estimation of one’s characteristics and developing an attitude of extreme arrogance that does not let people accept tasks. A person should know his worth and not stoop low or high for that.

One must realize the number of efforts that it takes to do anything in life. Taking pride involves the correct amount of self-respect that must settle in. It should never be too little to promote less confidence and no sense of spirit and it should not be too much to lead to a boastful and aggressive attitude. The correct value of a person or a thing should be rightfully assessed and then steps should be taken to counter it.

It should be fair in every aspect if one is deciding to treat oneself for a good deed then there should be a punishment to yield better outcomes within the deadline.