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Not everyone lives a lavish life that is full of things that are materialistic and present just to prove the cavernous lifestyle that can exist. In fact, there is absolutely no pleasure in leading a life that just lies pretty superficial in context to a lot of things that are done. There is so much peace in leading a life that is simple and away from the braggadocio that people live by.

We have to ensure that we stay true to our roots and imbibe the culture till our last. Simplicity does not mean letting go of necessities in life and reaching a stage wherein a person in starving for all the basic resources required for sustaining. There is so much comfort in knowing that not a lot of things are needed to survive in life. We fall in the trap of buying more and therefore, a point is reached wherein a person cannot do without accumulating resources to ensure that the lifestyle is extremely comfortable and aesthetic. Throughout our lives we run after money in order to superficially attain the beauty standards that would make us look more aesthetically refined and with this process, we forget about enhancing the inner beauty that matters the most in life. The context of things attains an absolutely different route when things are not on a happy note and life is just being dragged to multiple, random locations with the false illusion of things turning out to be happy by trying to fit in life according to other people’s definition. The concept of simplicity is valid to a lot of domains like lifestyle, dressing sense, demeanor, language and so much more. A person needs to be gritty to ensure that other’s opinions do not affect them in the long run and deter them from the decision and the cost of things that follow when a route towards simplicity is adopted. The peace when there is absolutely no need to take smugness about anything and show it off to the others is breathtaking. It provides other ways of appreciating life and comprehending the real value of things.

Humanity and other characteristics are given more stress when the route towards simplicity is taken. There are so many things that we have turned our blind eye to because of the excessive flashiness of the things that attract our mind. We get lured due to the luster, but we forget that the real gold lies with leading things with utter grace and simplicity.