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In our daily lives, a sense of humour is so under-rated. Humour is one such emotion that can light up the lives of so many people at the same time without putting many efforts. It is the ultimate stressbuster to major things in life. Not all days are good, and we make peace with that fact but we need to restore our mood so that the later part of the day is not equally affected and for that, the ultimate antidote is watching or doing something extremely humourous. It might be absolutely crazy to think of things in a way where they are taken in a much light-hearted manner but seriousness all the time is not a good idea to be achieved.

We are not here to perform a monologue on being on point every time. Even in extreme stress and trouble, one should find a way to bring out the balance in the situation of seriousness. A lot of things in life are easily laughable when we think of them. There are so many things lost and so many things found in the long run of life and yet if we stop enjoying the moments, everything goes on being dull. Sometimes it is good to laugh at oneself for being an absolutely stubborn person. Life is for living, enjoying the sunshine and every big and small thing that comes along with it. Laughing diffuses the tension and sets the calmness at the right place so that things can be resolved in a better manner. Although, it can get a bit irritable to laugh off at certain things helplessness leaves no choice but to think in a way that helps increase the efficiency of the person in the long run. There should be a search for humour in everything that we do in life. It can become a way of enjoying and keeping the interest intact in a task and eliminate the monotonous vibes that come along.