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Life is a perfect amalgam of dream and reality working together in a way where we dream to turn things into reality soon by the input of efforts. However, difficulties arise when this balance shifts towards the dream side a bit too much. Living in the dream world seems to be the most perfect thing as everything works according to us and our ideologies but there exists a lacuna that is the conversion of this dream into reality. Some people get so involved that they forget to draw to the line between the two worlds and often zone out without believing that they are actually hallucinating.

In order to keep tabs on this, one must perform reality checks every now and then to keep things grounded and manageable to an extent that there is no trouble in distinguishing between the two worlds. The competence of a person is the driving factor that makes a person one step closer to the final destination. The other factors that are needed in equivalent amounts are zeal, resources, and the right mindset. It is necessary for things to be incipient to keep the real conditions in check. One cannot fabricate a world if there is due stress given to the imperfections in life. One needs to be observant and keep things going in a gentle way without being too harsh on oneself and life in general. The roads that lead to hapless situations must be avoided so that efforts do not go in vain.

There should always be a list of pros and cons made for every situation to keep all the possibilities of the things in mind. There should no scope of surprises coming from life. The worst should be assumed to conquer things with a stronger self. Always take cues from the dreams. Dreams are important, they are the blueprint that we need to execute. Although the execution part may not be the same, it is still important to refer to the blueprint when one is lost.

It is important to be rich not in terms of money but in terms of the characteristics that humans get to portray, one must choose the right ones to get the best of everything. There should not be any reliance on others to rise above. There must be a path laid for oneself on the basis of hard work and visible efforts.