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Amongst a lot of unexpected things that happen to us, there are a lot of things that we know are bound to happen. It is impossible to proceed through the course of life without getting disappointed with someone or something, to live a life without getting hurt, to face complicated problems and to defeat death. We know certain things will take their own avatar over the course of time. The plot to these problems comes as surprise and it varies from a person to person, but the overall effect is the same for everyone.

There is no way by which we can eliminate these things even before their arrival. The better thing that we can do is to prepare ourselves for what is about to come. There must be alertness from within to reach out to the right people at the right time rather than taking steps that we might regret later. A certain mindset must be developed that needs to be stronger than what we are. Flowing along with emotions in a labile condition is normal. However, the sanity must kick in time to ensure that the catastrophe is dealt with. A lot of people can give us opportunities to rise again but they cannot hand us with the preparation that is needed. We find a lot of people who give us advice on how to deal with things, but they cannot go through it like the way we do. There cannot be matched intensities in the same way between two different individuals. So, the best self-protection that we can do is to prepare for everything that can go wrong. We must think of things in a cautious way to avoid bad things as much as we can. Highs and lows are a part of everyone’s life, and one must surrender to these instabilities only to rise up again and stronger through the course of the storm.

The world waits for a lot of things that must be dealt with prepared hearts. If a whole is observed, the ship will sink no matter how sturdy it is.