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Forgiveness involves forgetting what the person has done to us so we can move on with our life with a clear mind and heart. If we remain loving to others, how long will they be negative to us? They will ultimately give up.

The power of forgiveness cannot be measured. Every mistake is just a glitch that can be altered and delivers the steps which should be taken at the right time with the right spirit. Getting disappointed with a person is normal but the gratification of forgiveness is beyond everything. If we wish to achieve inner peace, there is only one way – release ourselves from anger and resentment, learn to let go of hatred, and practise forgiveness.

Love and forgiveness inspire others to make the world peaceful. If each of us were forgiving, it would not be long before the world would become more loving and peaceful. If we do so, we will find that our minds are calmer, and we are able to still our minds more easily when we sit to meditate but anger and hatred are obstacles to stilling the minds. The more activity going on in our mind, the longer it takes to become concentrated in our meditations.

Thus, forgiveness sets us free. It gives us the opportunity to start afresh, to do better next time. It allows us to be freed from the grievances, penalties and shackles of past mistakes. It heals the one who forgives and the one who is forgiven.