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We seldom face situations in life wherein we are betrayed by the people we love and there are days when the situation is another way round, such cases are meant to be handled with care because the complexity of the situation can make things go in an unwanted direction spreading negativity and causing discomfort at both ends.
The only way to solve any situation in life is “Drop, Listen, Think, Act”. Drop your ego and every tantrum that would worsen the situation than what it already is, Listen to what the other person has to say, listen to it all for there might be a day when you won’t be able to come back to the same terms with the person and regret it, Think of the circumstances that made the other person do what he/she did and try to think of yourself to be in the situation and finally act upon it. Never judge a person for the deeds done in the past. Nobody learns the rule of life in a single day, everyone has their own pace with things, and we are no one to be judgmental about that.
It’s not that things aren’t messy and one shouldn’t be angered when betrayed but that anger has to be subdued in the right time to teach the person the lesson of kindness and console them if they are going wrong about things, it is extremely normal to do mistakes and then move on with a lesson in mind of not repeating them again.
It is necessary to vent out to a person rather than having depressed, negative and suicidal notions. Every mistake is just a glitch that can be rectified provided that the steps are taken at the right time with the right spirit. Getting disappointed with a person is normal but the gratification of forgiveness is another addiction altogether, nobody is a saint here, everyone has a ton of issues to deal with, nobody is pure and everything that we do affects everyone around, it is a series of actions with a different impact on the people.
The power that forgiveness cannot be measured, it can make complex situations go far away only if the person is forgiven and given one chance like we are given too by our loved ones. It isn’t too much to ask for, is it?