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Every day we see a gazillion things around us right from the moment we wake up to the moment we are too tired to realize anything. Among these things we prioritize a few to a level wherein they become a significant component, it is like a stage is provided to them to showcase their flairs and then everything else is shifted out of focus. We don’t even remember the existence of the others because the stage seems too fancy to get out eyes off from. Ever thought about a day out without a vehicle just wandering about with no motive and no specific place to go to and being observant about the basic things that exist around that we get so oblivious about due to the hard and hectic life that we end up choosing.

A very few people have this unique talent of seeing things with a different perspective, they scrutinize the things that they see and speculate about their existence and how significant their role is in our life, yet we don’t value them enough. Consider our mother nature for that matter, so much greed for extracting the resources yet we turn a blind eye towards things when it calls out for help for the destruction that we have caused for leading a luxurious life.

The Perception also looks out for appreciating everyone and everything that hurts us, for it is their hardship that makes us comprehend the true meaning of things and it is because of them that we break down and rise up with a stronger heart and soul towards our goal. Nobody remains immune to them, everyone has to face these critical situations someday or the other, it is the rectitude that makes all the difference in the world.