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All the troubles that we face each day affect us drastically in some way or the other. The more we let them affect our minds, the worse things get. The strength to deal with these problems goes on decreasing every time. It is just like having a cake and feeding the hungry one by one every time one spots them. But the amount of cake goes on decreasing and there will be a time when one will run off the entire cake and there will be nothing to give.

We give them peace of mind to every trouble. There will be a time when we would not have any amount of strength to deal with the issues of life. When this happens, all the complications will pile up and a person will enter a stage of helplessness. Life does not need a created buffer of troubles. The issues must be resolved within a particular time if things exceed beyond that the impact will increase exponentially. Problems are toxic and we should not keep any toxicity even close to us.

The problems should be addressed immediately with a sense of logical and emotional context added to it. The mind should be decluttered from all the troubles and a sense of things must be formulated to free oneself from the added pressure that comes along. There should be efforts put in the right direction to ensure that things are getting solved rather than getting complicated. The tranquility that exists in our mind should not be disturbed to make better sense of the things. Belligerent attitude must be kept at bay. One’s competence should be properly evaluated with the amount of clarity in the head and the promptness of the actions.

One should give the mind its due space and time to recover from things and never burden it too much. Whenever things get uncontrollable, it is necessary to take rest and ensure that the recuperating mind is getting the required input.