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Debt Consolidation

Life will give you challenges sometimes to make you Stronger for the Future and if you are struggling with finances and need help?

Don’t you worry at all; we are here to help with all your debts consolidation help!

Don’t you worry at all; we are here to help with all your debts consolidation help!

Personal Loans

Are you in need for Instant Cash?

Want to buy a new car?

Getting married?


Home renovation?

Debt consolidation?

Note: Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply


Life is ride, which will go up and down so that you enjoy and learn!

If you are in the down time of your ride, have a mortgage and are depending on your income, this is something that you should be vigilant about. Since we all are doing this for our family and we want to make sure that are protected too. We guide you through any claim assistance when you are in need on your insurance plan

We will refer you to specialist who will advise you on your needs only!

Types of Life Insurances

Life Cover

The Reality No One Can Escape From, “Death”

Do you want to make sure that your family is debt-free and taken care of when you leave them behind?

No one wants to think about this possibility, but it is going to happen and some of us may be earlier than expected. This can cover you from any financial commitments you may have such as a mortgage, business debts, personal debts, etc. A lump sum amount will be paid to the beneficiary in case you pass away.

Total & Permanent Disability

“Anything Can Happen Anytime”

No one can control those unavoidable circumstances which may lead you to become permanent disabled

How would you pay you debts, support you family, medical bills, day to day expenses etc?

With the help of this cover you will get a lump sum amount paid to you and will have a peace of mind financially.

Stay Stress Free all the Time!

“Anything Can Happen Anytime”

Do you need support and help in case you are going through life changing/unexpected situations? For example: Cancer, stroke etc

This will cover you with complete support and help you need during that difficult time


  • Paying your bills/expenses etc
  • Supplementing your income

Income/Mortgage Protection

“Nothing is Permanent in This World”

Do you want to stay on top your bills, mortgage repayments, lifestyle, family bills and school fee for your kids?

This cover will help you doing exactly what you are after in case you are no longer able to work due to an accident or any illness.


“Part and Parcel of the Life”

Do you and your family want to get access to private hospitals and Major medical care that you need at the time that fits you?

This cover will help you access to private hospitals in case of Major Medical care that you might need and whenever you need