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Humans are well-aware of the cycle of life that starts with the birth of an individual to a journey of finding oneself by doing various tasks and then when the time finally comes an irrevocable stage is reached wherein a person has to leave this inevitable stage is the final see-off that a person gets from the world. Our world sustains on this cycle and no one ever gets to miss it, it is one such compulsion that no one ever gets a choice in. Yet, in this non-permanent life, we need everything, and we make such a big deal about small failures. There is also an endless cribbing about the things that we do not have instead of appreciating the life that we have and living it to the fullest.

So, even if life is not going good for an individual, it is not the end of the world. It does not change anything or snatch the right to live life properly from anyone. We have a problem with exaggerating things beyond compare instead of finding a solution to the problem. We hesitate in helping an individual and try to play safe entirely to not get involved in any trouble. But what will a person do of all the wealth and all the resources that he collects throughout his lifetime? Things remain here and are passed on to others eventually, there is absolutely nothing that we can take away from this world but good memories.

There is no way by which one can avoid death, the only way in which a person can be remembered is by leaving a legacy behind. A legacy of examples that people can follow, a legacy of inspiration that people can always remember to follow and a legacy of being a good human being who always believes in doing right no matter what other people have to say about it. There is a difference in being a good human and a great human. A great human might be an achiever of various domains and maybe famous, but it is important to be a good human, even if someone is unable to do something extraordinary, the best they can do is to be good to others. Justifying the name that is given to us is important for all tasks in this world. No job is big or small to be accepted. Every individual is equal and has a chance to make a mark in this semi-permanent home that we call our world.