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If there is anything pure in the world then it has to be a mother’s love towards her children. No matter how bad the situation gets there is only one person in the entire world on whom we can rely and share our sorrows. Mothers are truly magic and sent by God as angels to guide us in situations when things get a bit too tough for us to handle. They sense every issue and ensure that we are all right. They do not see the cost or the pain that is involved in any task and give us blessings to do well in every domain.

It is a task to be so selfless and not think much about oneself. Even if the days are going bad and we do not have anyone to be there for us, it is mothers who find their way of reaching and ensuring that there we are not stressed out about anything. Although they might not solve the problem, but their words pour in and de-clutter the mind due to the warmth that is involved. We take them for granted a bit too much. Their value in our life is easily replaced by other people despite the fact that they are the ones who always stay and support us in different situations. Once we get to know the real things in life and we get the experience of events and realize the value that mothers hold. The lacuna that is created when we lose them is irreplaceable in terms of everything. They have a heart of gold and they do not let us suffer for anything even if we are wrong. The blessings of mothers are always with their children even in harsh times when things are running well. The love that they provide is better than everyone we find or will find in our future. Their love binds us to the roots of humanity and kindness. The immense pool of love that they live by formulates the personality that we carry in front of the others. They give us strength in times of crisis and they act as a buttress in case our walls fall out of ill design or harsh conditions.

We do not stand anywhere without the love of our mothers who are indeed the best warriors. They not only fight their own wars but in addition never leave any chance to fight ours too.