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For working professionals weekend seems to be the ultimate periodic vacay away from the work’s hefty ride. But the weekend flies away way too soon after whiling away most of the time on useless chores. It gets pretty messed up when the sudden realization of the ending weekend dawns upon. No one wishes to begin their week with an upsetting feeling to continue with for the rest of the week. Here are a few things that can be done to kick away the Monday Blues and start the week on a very positive note.

· Since weekends are 48 hours of vacay, one needs to relax and do the things that one loves the most to make the best out of the available time. Weekends prove out to be the perfect time for catching up with friends, going out for movies, investing in hobbies and interests in order to lighten up.

· Good time management even on the weekends is a must, it shouldn’t be too strict to resemble the work routine but planned enough so that one has the exact idea of their journey even before the weekend arrives. Making these plans can also turn out to be a good way to stay motivated throughout the week to treat oneself.

· Stay disconnected to social media, work or any other hectic thing that can stifle the entire weekend routine. It is important to introspect and work upon oneself and arrange things.

· Always start the week on a positive note by doing small changes to the normal routine: one can always dress well for building up self-confidence, work light on the very first day of the week.

· Stop dreading work and start seeing things from a better perspective. Change whatever bothers the mind for mental peace is more important than anything else.

· Always get enough sleep and stay hydrated and invest in good food for physical well-being as well.

It is imperative to stay grateful for everything and start Monday on a pleasant note.

Happy Monday Everyone!