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In a world that is full of materialistic things preaching the concept of minimalism can be considered an extremely hard to achieve task when we are completely surrounded by the desire to buy more and more things to quench the thirst for a more resounding lifestyle which is undeniable. The world has reached a stage wherein it cannot afford more addictions for wasting resources and sticking the use and throw concept that has penetrated deep into our minds. All the advertisements and the promotional stints point out to raise this urge to another factor making us a part of the cycle that promotes the growth to a thousand times fold.

We are aiming to head towards the judgment day, a day wherein we will have to face the consequences of the things that we have been doing all this while. The true essence of the concept of minimalism arises when it forces a person to weigh out all the needs and the necessary adjustments that should be made to the current living style that we have grown used to. It facilitates proper research on what is right for us as individuals, what is right for the planet and what is right for all the species that are involved in this ecosystem.
The fact of not buying anything or starving on resources has been wrongly confused with the true objective that minimalism propagates. It requires a person to buy only the needful and use resources in a sustainable way to reduce the waste that is being produced and also reduce the complexity that comes up with choices. Tech gurus like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have often highlighted the concept of minimalism and how it helps in de-cluttering a lot of things and making space for the things that matter more. Minimalism can be an effective way of not only saving time and prioritizing things but also saving the planet.