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People spend their entire lives trying to please other people and for that, they are ready to do anything even if it comes at a cost of lying to them or doing things under pressure. We have faced situations wherein we never get the courage to say “No” to a person because of the added baggage of things that follow it. There can be a lot of inferences drawn from these circumstances that force us to the core to either maintain the relationship or the moral grounds on which we stand. The dilemma, of course, is real. There is no doubt that we need to be empathetic towards other’s situations at times, however, we should not let it become a habit that takes a lot of effort to overcome.

Once we begin to do things for others despite the fact of knowing that we may or may not get credit for it is altogether another situation to deal with. Some people get used to this and start taking things for granted which in turn leads to an added complexity and weirdness between the two. No one can live a life by being in the good books of everyone, there will always be people who would propagate hatred without any reason, and it is this fear of being hated that makes people dread the situation that involves saying “No”. What one must realize is the fact that everyone eventually learns to manage without one person and it is not a refusal that would ruin relations if it does then the relation is purely a give and take one and not based on the foundation of well-being and trust.

The world will not collapse if people start saying “no” to the things that they do not wish to do. There is a way in which one must refuse, one must not be aggressive or rude to others while refusing, it spoils the mood of everyone involved in it. The conversation should be taken in the right way for the right motive.