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There has not been enough said about the role that women have played in their life throughout all ages. They have been heroes in every domain, taking care of their families and raising them, fighting wars and being active in fighting for their rights and being critical of their position in society. A woman not only raises a family but binds them all together with the strings of love and affection. No love can match that of a mother and her children. The values that are imbibed in every child are the wonders that a woman acknowledges at some point or the other. There is no home that is complete without her presence.

It is ironic how she never gets paid for anything that she does for the people around. Perhaps, there is no currency that can match the amount of love that she gives to the others. There is something special about every woman that creates a comfort zone for everyone. They are good leaders, bosses, caretakers, and homemakers. And there is no one who can stop them from rising heights and doing whatever they desire. Educating a woman is equivalent to educating the entire family, that is how responsible they are in ensuring that the word is traveled through generations for the good. The entire spirit of the family remains upright and kings and queens are born from them who make the world a better place. People who let them down are oblivious of the aura that they carry. It is a sin to stifle a woman everywhere for no person has the right to strangle the person who bears the responsibility of sharing worlds and words.

Noblemen and women are created not from the riches that they obtain from their ancestors but the values and the traits that they acquire from their loved ones. It is important that we care about them and give the support that they need to strive ahead in life.