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The phases of life are interesting and vividly confusing for people. There is a phase of utter happiness in which spring seems to take over and everything feels to be at the level best. There is no scope of bad things bugging a person because we tend to see the positive side to everything but when things hit the opposite side, there is nothing but loneliness and a feeling of gloom that is set everywhere. Everything seems to be distant and nebulous without colors.

Feeling low is another side of life that we have to face. It is an emotion that is witnessed by all. Since no one can stay happy all the time. People tend to elongate this phase by unconsciously aggravating things for themselves. A lot of people tend to use this as a way to gain more attention or attract more problems due to which the tenure of staying low extends further. There needs to be a source of light found in these gloomy days to ensure that one learns to appreciate life for the way it is by ensuring that things do not take a toll on people’s emotions and health. There should be a balance of things and nothing should be done without thinking such that there is a scope of regret. A lot of people generate the feeling of being alone and lost by comparing their lives with others or overthinking a lot. There is no doubt that there are a lot of beautiful people all around. But not being like them does not make us fall out of the category. They may be like flowers and seem pretty, but one must not forget that even sunsets are beautiful. There exists a different kind of beautiful in everyone and one must take time to appreciate it. Feeling low is not a solution to anything. There must be a way to appreciate things and find a way to seek the same ecstatic feeling that takes over the mind when things are on a happy note. Every problem in life comes with its due time and all we can do is get the least affected by it and aim to solve things as soon as possible.

Feeling low must be eliminated by sticking with people who matter and doing things that make a person occupied and pave the way of thinking of things in a better way. Life should be appreciated for the way it is. There should be no overthinking involved in any day.