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Humans have a problem with bragging when they gain knowledge. This gained knowledge leads to settling in and not pave way for more knowledge. Half-knowledge is a dangerous thing, it can lead to stupid quibbling without a valid reason, there are a lot of people who preach the concept of acquiring more knowledge even though there might not be an immediate need for it. Maximum people study because their parents invest a lot of money in it and they are asked to do so. Only a handful amount of people do it willingly and even if they do it, they do not know what to do with the acquired knowledge.

We cannot always depend upon teachers to make us study or gain more knowledge. A lot of people also believe that true knowledge is never acquired from schools or institutions but life. Every day in one’s life is like a problem statement. It is always new and different; it also requires a person to be involved physically and mentally to yield a solution that can reduce the complexity of the problem by a great factor. Not everyone looks at it this way. There are people who believe that more the degrees more the knowledge. But how can we stifle the concept of knowledge to only the people who are educated? What about the people who know so much about everything despite having no degrees or any established indicator? There is so much to gain knowledge and learn about the basic things in life. Knowledge does not mean studying complicated stuff and solving them. It involves comprehending things the way they function and understanding their value. It is never constrained to a single domain or a particular group.

There should never be the development of ego while gaining knowledge. It portrays the fact that although knowledge has been gained it is not being implemented rightly. A knowledgeable person will always be hungry for more and would never involve smugness to pave its way in this entire journey.