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The world has got so advanced in things that people go on pursuing and in this advanced world, we have developed a sense of evolved excuses that come up as ultimate rescuers in various situations that we face. It is like an ultimate antidote that temporarily procrastinates the situation to a level wherein we get sufficient time to prep ourselves for the real deal. However, it always has an ephemeral effect that can only delay things and sometimes delay them for worse. Every aspect in our life leads us to certain uncomfortable situations that we really are not ready to face as individuals and what we actually do instead of challenging ourselves to face these situations is to provide a detailed excuse to not only the person who is in charge but to ourselves too, we try to elope from the situation or delay it as much as we can. The onset of making an excuse eventually leads to a series that goes on and on becoming a habit.

The ways in which these excuses can be eliminated from real life by incorporating the following steps:
• Managing things and maintaining a proper schedule of work or any chores that are to be done helps in keeping a track of things along with the knowledge of what all is to be done.
• Challenging oneself is the most important task, the world does not run according to our wishes, it is pretty normal to face uncomfortable situations, but one should always be gritty enough to face them.
• Stopping the spree of procrastinating the daily tasks is also a way in which excuses can be eliminated.
• Dividing a big task into various small tasks can prove to be a valuable way of dealing with things in an organized fashion so that everyone is on the same page and well versed with the situation.
• Accepting the faults and trying to fix them can come out as a better way of dealing with things rather than coming up with excuses to cover up for them.
• Always believe in working for the greater goal and not get affected by the small changes that are built in the way, making sure that the situations in life are not big enough to not be solved can serve as a greater motivation in the long run.