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The world runs on an imaginary world that exists in our mind, a parallel universe that is full of everything that we want, there is no dearth of the things that we require, it is a world that fills in with every new craving that we have and yet we stand fabricating things and still the world seems every bit of a real thing, it doesn’t lose its charm. We compare this fabricated world and end up getting disappointed and anxious for not achieving those things that were there in the other world. This further paves the way for a belligerent attitude and letting people down with the feelings that go out of control.

It is necessary to dream, dream big, to achieve things and have a vision of how the future might turn out to be. But it is also necessary to distinguish between the two worlds and not let them overlap. It might seem to be a cogent world, but it isn’t real, it is full of fake things generated by our mind. In this imaginary achievement, we might develop surreal feelings for things, but expectations crash hard when things don’t go the way we expect them to be. The world that we live in right now matters the most, it is the quantum that has been chosen and we are lucky enough to live in it.

The countless struggles to survive in this world never go unnoticed or waste. So, pace up to live your dreams to the fullest and more importantly work upon them to turn it into reality. Never fail to admit to your mistakes and improve them with each passing day. Dream yourself to be the best version of yourself and grow towards it. Drive the people around you to this world and make sure to convey them the importance this world holds for you.

If the dream doesn’t get fulfilled one way find another, don’t lose hope. Don’t crib on the asperity of life. Have a persevering nature towards everything and learn to proceed towards a better life for everyone. In the end, it’s happiness and the feeling of satisfaction that matters and not the money and materialistic things.