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order to fool around so that other more interesting things can be done is the way we proceed towards the route of delaying things. There are known cases where procrastination has led to the spoiling of things for thoughtful people. In order to inculcate the thoughts of being up to date with the work and in various aspects of life, one must follow a proper routine to kick the laziness aside. Laziness is an addiction which steps – in to ruin things and provides a superficial comfort of resting and delaying for a temporary period.

The reproaching of all other tasks with the cranky behavior that is promoted through this results in the lost opportunities for the betterment of an individual. Self-growth is the most important scale to work upon in the long run of life. To achieve bigger goals, one must divide them in a systematic approach to get to the end of the situation soon in a planned way. This not only facilitates easier managing of the tasks but also promotes the avoidance of unnecessary stress that builds up along. The tasks should also be completed within a created deadline so that it is done properly and not hushed up leading to bad output. It is also important to study all the factors that make a person lazy to try to avoid them in the long run. There are a lot of people who find it easier to complete tasks when they do it with another person. Procrastination not only exists for job it also exists for things that we need to do for our personal growth.

It can be a great help if one plans and glorifies things to achieve goals within a year, planning short-term and long-term goals are a must-do for everyone who wishes to be successful in the long run.