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The dilemma exists in every facet of life right from the small things that we face in our day-to-day lives to the big life-changing decisions, everything is important to take in to give the best shot. The situation worsens if there is too much complexity involved. Human beings are eventually extremely emotional about whatever they think and do. Since they are the only species who can make a germane choice of their brain by opting for giving out prompt and correct reactions to the situations., it is imperative that this added advantage is utilized properly while doing day-to-day chores.

Here are a few things that can be done to make effective and prompt decisions when one is stuck in a situation of crisis and cannot really comprehend what is to be done.

• The foremost task is to calm oneself down, the brain’s ability to take decisions is significantly lowered when there is too much stress or panic involved. Take deep breathes and make note of every small reaction that comes out during troubles.

• Accepting mistakes and making peace with the current situation is another integral task that must be done before taking any decision. It just leads to unwanted pell-mell if one keeps on cribbing about the situation rather than coming up with ways to solve the situation or going ahead with things.

• It is absolutely normal to be confused about things and not be sure of anything that is happening. One does not have all the answers to the questions in a single day, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to rectify or improve the situations.

• Always weigh all the factors that might affect the decision after thorough research and plan building, risking things on labile factors can worsen the situation altogether or open up a vicious circle of unsolved affairs.

• Take the decision that draws in the feeling of happiness, no matter what the others think about, never be pulled down by other’s prejudiced opinions.

Do not forget to share things with the people who matter and involve them in the process of decision-making but do not let anyone manipulate their opinions. Be an incestuous soul because, in the end, it is you!