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There are millions of people in this world and every individual portrays a different set of characteristics. Then how can we even expect our stories to be the same? A lot of people misunderstand the concept of being influenced by a person and being an influencer themselves. We believe that retracing someone else’s path of success can also yield the same amount of results for us. But the truth is we are not someone else’s version. We are our own unique model. There is no specific route to success. Real success involves the creation of extraordinary achievements within the present path.

We are the editors of our own lives. We introduce characters, plot our own stories and make our enemies. But what may be one’s enemy may not be a universal one for all. The thing that we fear the most is that once the story is written, it cannot be edited or re-written. This is the part that we conclude wrongly. Being the editors, it is our duty to incorporate changes if the story is not going right. There is always a scope for things to be fixed and resolved provided one is willing to go through the efforts that are required to achieve it. There is no such thing as a permanent one. So, every time one thinks that it is the end of the world, it is clearly not. It is just another chapter that has reached its climax and what good is a book if it is plain and boring without any climax.

The hurdles must be taken in a healthy and enemies must not be made out of boredom or overthinking. The ones who let a person down eventually get their exit from the book. There are a lot of characters in a novel but not all of them are permanent. Some people get their entry only to teach us something valuable. Even if they hurt us, they should not be hated in any manner. Spreading hatred circulates entirely in the plot and returns back in some way or the other. Calculative steps must be taken in order to prevent one from making mistakes. Even if mistakes are made, then steps should be taken to resolve it.

No book is ever published without editing. There are a lot of drafts involved and so does the story of our life. It is important to give a chance to live to unfold.