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When we were kids, learning to speak and grasping things turns out to be the most complicated thing in life. Then when we get a grip of things more complicated things turn. In our teens, being with the right people and being among our favorite people becomes a complication and then in no time, the urge to choose the desired career becomes the biggest complication in life. The definition of complicated changes with passing years and the flair of issues also add up but what we do not realize is the fact that we go on with or without the added struggle.
Have you witnessed a situation wherein your mind was completely bugged with so many tasks and the feeling of being inferior to others and how the lives of others seem to be much more interesting than what you have right now?

Well, it is totally normal to stress about oneself. But there should always be an inner voice motivating to pursue the travail without all the thousand things letting you down. It is one voice, one strong voice against a gazillion of inferiority complexes that do not have to seek a way inside one’s brain. The task that one must do is to not let the only voice that matters to get stifled. One does not have to be perfect in terms of other’s definitions and beliefs.

There is no single authority presiding over everyone on the planet, no one’s life is perfect, and no one is perfect, everyone is a warrior fighting their own battles, some with the external world and some with the inner soul. Acceptance and working upon oneself constitutes the plan to a not so complicated life entirely made upon things that one trusts and believes. A world with fecund humans who care for each other and their issues and still live with it.