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Living is not easy and there are a lot of complexities involved with each and everything. Some are easily dealt with while others take a lot of time to be comprehended and resolved. No task is easy even if it might seem to be. There is a lot of difference between words and actions. Complexity need not be always associated with the criticality of things but sometimes time too. A lot of things have cluttered our lives with the additional complexity of dealing with them. Technology has advanced a lot in the past few decades with one contraption succeeding the other with better features. However, the pain and the side of the effects of these technologies have come up too.

There is a complicated network that exists between hard work, happiness, time, money, resources and result. If anyone of these input factors vary due to any reason, all the others get affected and change their behavior accordingly. The complexity of life cannot be mapped and therefore requires a person to be understanding and gel with the changes. There is only one way to reduce the major troubles in life and that is to face them and eliminate them immediately. All the added-up problems portray a very stressful structure that not only needs time to resolve but a lot of hard work alongside. One should not stop doing things they like because of these complexities. They will always exist, the only thing that matters is outshining these complexities with the things that matter the most. If a task is already hated by a person and there are additional difficulties in the path, the person will not be able to end them and as a result of which everything that will go in vain.

It is important to survey all the available choices before making a decision to reduce complexity. One small step can bring about a major change that will redound the perfect amalgam of happiness and coruscate the life beyond compare.