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there has been an interdependence among species for survival. With the gaining of knowledge, humans created walls to divide people in terms of communities, gender, religion, caste, etc. All these further stifled the concept that remains intact today wherein concerns are kept restricted to families and the ones who care for us the most. The problems of others are not thought upon. The widespread violence and the constant urge to outshine the others in order to lead a better life ourselves, we forget about bringing out the best in each other to rise together rather than rising by letting the other person down.

The walls that have been created have never been crossed or broken down to search for the better truth. It is not long when we will face the real judgment day and in order to avoid the worst that can happen to our species, we must join hands for the greater good. We are not prone to any situation because of the distance, one’s problem is everyone’s problem. It is the gravity of the situation that should spread and help to heal people all over. A better world should be built on the foundation’s love, equality, and positivity. A new era to aware people working for the better good of each other, accepting the cultural difference and the difference in ideas along with taking care of the planet is what we need the most right now.
The boundaries that we have created to safeguard ourselves are the same boundaries that can doom us.