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There has been a vast increase in the use of technology right from an early age due to which the people have observed a significant change in their lifestyles. The changes in these observed nuances are majorly due to the extra importance that has been given to a lot of things that bind a person completely making things lean on the complicated side. The changing times have led to the deterioration of a lot of satisfactory activities that were relished at a totally different level before.

The things that we do to protect the people around us matter a lot to every individual but if the same time is invested doing things that are not even worth it or staying lost in the virtual world then a lot of things are missing that would not return in the future. The true essence of childhood that existed before has been lost somewhere due to the introduction of technology. The same piece of technology that was used before to ease our lives has made us prisoners of our own devices. We lie in front of our phones and contraptions without trying to enjoy our lives by going for outdoor activities or pursuing our hobbies. The obsession that these things incorporate is very hard to conquer. These days, everyone seems to be missing out on being with someone in person rather than whiling away time on the network.

The technology that was made to bridge the gap has generated a huge lacuna in our lives. The worst thing is that people do not notice this lacuna till the time they are fully engrossed in the game of addiction. The meaning of a lot of things has changed. There are no more those days when children used to stay in parks and fields for the entire day, doing antics to drive each other crazy and made their presence felt. The importance of the reality of things must be brought to children by their parents. The world of technology may seem fancy, but it is shallow and can never replace the real world.

There must be a line drawn to distinguish between the worlds. We should not waste our time by getting a bit too engrossed in things that do not matter. There should be some measures taken to control the screen time if there is too much of an addiction involved.