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We are born out of love that our parents have shared with us. The warmth that their hearts have generated in ours. The world practically runs on love and care. The things that are done without involving emotions are useless. They hold not much value and do not remain successful for a long time. These things involve a person completely by shadowing all the hatred away because the power of love and care is too strong to stand the things that come in its way.

The mind maunders off to places if it is not handled properly. Everyone needs a person with whom they can share their heart out and resolve all the problems. Vent out things that are not happening as per their expectations and live life a bit more freely. But no everyone has these people around. Some strive to be alone denying the need for another person, but the truth is that we cannot survive without the existence of people around us. We need to learn to care for others even if we are not the ones the others expect to come to the rescue. There is no harm in being good to others for no reason. Our parents did not choose reasons to love us and raise us with all the possible love they could give. Caring is an emotion that can help a person in a million ways. Even if it does not solve the problem, it gives the person some strength to face the harsh reality of everything. It does not have to be complicated. No one needs to care for someone just to wheedle them. There should be an automatic reciprocation of the warmth within and to be able to connect to another person’s heart and cherish it. Being a fiduciary person for another is a praiseworthy task that generates a feeling of satisfaction from within.

Everyone needs to spread more love and care even to those people whom we do not know personally. There is no boundary for caring and there is no limit to the amount of love and care one can provide to the others. It is one such currency that has immense values and yet holds no bound.