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In a very famous saying put forth by Henry Ford “Whether you think you can or think you can’t- you are right”, the aim to build a stronger and tenacious bond that exists within oneself is highlighted. Everyone faces situations in their daily lives where failure makes the inner conscience doubt itself and this worsens the fact that there are situations that are often out of our hands and involve us to be strong. Maximum people start giving up on their aspirations after they witness this feeling of self-doubt and lack of propagating their views to others for the fear of being wronged and judged again.

There is a continuous cycle of building and losing confidence. It is a part of life; however, the problem is worsened when people stop themselves to move towards the next cycle and extend the tenure of their low self-esteem phase. This worsens the situation and alters the course of life. People tend to exclude themselves from groups and friends, as a result, a feeling of being lonely seeps in paving way for a depressing life. Everything has a time at which it is to be achieved if one fails once, it does not mean that it is the end of the line, there are better things waiting to be obtained at the right time with the right attitude.

In order to control these feelings, one must learn from the failures and always take it as lessons to be incorporated to avoid mistakes in the future. One must share it with people and see how life is much more than failures and rights and wrongs. The final destination is always there, it cannot be snatched, the right attitude and work is the only key to unravel the mysteries that stand by. There is also a strange psychological effect known as the Dunning-Kruger effect associated which highlights that the more one knows about something, the more one realizes that there is to know. A person who has the right amount of confidence always goes on his life finding the right way with the right efforts and paves way for a brighter future.