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Unity is important at every step in our life. It is important for peace, prosperity, protection, and defence. Staying united is essential for our growth and development as it helps in sharing of ideas and opinions with each other. When we stay unified as a part of society, we seek guidance from each other for both personal and professional matters.

On the other hand, living in isolation might make us feel insecure or introvert. But when we work together, we feel motivated and encouraged to work harder. We push each other to accomplish the goals and appreciate one another on every achievement. This works as a great motivational factor.

The world where people live in unity and do not fight with each other in the name of religion, caste, culture or any other thing; there we experience peace and harmony all around. Everyone will respect and value each other and understand that their true power lies in staying and working together rather than planning against each other.

Therefore, if you want to go fast then go alone, but if you want to go far go together because the Bond of Unity will give you the power and strength in your life.