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Body Language is the most important aspect of non-verbal communication. It makes or breaks the first impression that is propagated to the person before the main conversation starts. No matter how great oratory skills a person possesses, if there is an improper body language then all of it does not get an added advantage. A proper body language incorporates proper gestures and firm posture and facial expressions that complement the words that are being said. Humans tend to filter other people on the basis of these before they even start a conversation. This is because the people who do not seem appealing enough in terms of their personality are not preferred anywhere.

Job interviews involve a long walk that the panelists monitor right from the moment the candidate enters the room to the moment the room is left. If the actions and the words do not match then it gets clear that the person does not mean it, they are just saying it for the sake of it. Body language conveys a lot about a person without saying. It shows how the person maintains and works upon improving the overall personality. Good dressing sense and neatness in presenting oneself are equivalently important when it comes to keeping a check on the overall personality.

The facial expressions are integral while capturing the essence of the entire conversation. Controlling the tone of the voice with better pitch and stress makes the conversation seem more intriguing and presentable. The entire work of good oratory skills depends on how we say things with a better impact on the audience. Saying things in a monotonous way makes it so boring for the audience. Working on body language is an important task to be presentable and to be remembered.