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A Warrior is known for his gritty demeanor and swordsmanship, but no one is ever born that way. It is an acquired trait that gets built on by working on one’s skills and developing a strong personality from within. Every person fears something but the people who control their fears is the real warriors. A warrior does not evolve in a single day, it takes time to develop and there will always be the development of doubts and lack of confidence while doing a task. There will be situations wherein a person will be hesitant to do anything that is out of his comfort zone and this will induce a situation wherein everything will involve proper processing and research.

It is also necessary to anticipate the whereabouts of life and analyze things in a manner that nothing ever comes as a shock. Everything can always be calculated through the clues that life leaves along, nothing ever happens out of the blue and through this, every move is predictable and getting hurt turns out to be a rarity. Weighing out all the odds and planning things in a proper manner is also important to work consistently on a common goal. We are warriors in our own lives fighting our own wars and developing our strategies to beat our enemy that usually constitutes negative feelings. We need to win in order to reach our goal and for that, we need to work hard and study the enemy properly because every mistake can turn out to be brutal and there is a limit to which a person can heal.

If the situation turns out to be bad, the warrior should be able to predict his next move and yield a better chance of winning the war. Limiting the negativities and keeping everyone who pulls us down at a bay in necessary. Development of doubt and jealousy are baits that are offered by the enemy to slow us down but a person must be incestuous to the exoteric dangers that are presented to trap us indefinitely.