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Reading can be considered as one of the most satisfying hobbies in the world. It is one such thing that truly defines the real power of a person wherein everyone be it rich or poor, happy or sad, young or elder, all are alike. It does not distinguish or discriminate the people in terms of any factor which is considered. There is no limit to where a book can take a person, it has such a vast world in itself and there are no restrictions. There have been a lot of cases wherein people with disabilities have made peace in their life by immersing themselves in the world of books to get to know about the places they cannot go to.

The concept of knowledge is not only restricted to the school curriculum but also on the firsthand experiences penned down by people while undertaking a task. So beautiful are the things that make us feel liberated in every which way so that the real freedom can be attained. The repetition of all the devils that we grow in our minds is also decluttered through this task of reading. Reading is the extraordinary way through which we can succeed in the lives of all the people we admire, it also helps in glorifying the things as we know them. The way we build our mindset and then react upon the daily happenings is an impression of what we do to gain knowledge and how do we take things that are thrown at us.

The agenda of reading to provide that pleasure to everyone, an experience that we witness while reading and practically living something cannot be reciprocated or described in words, the pages become too short for that. The real essence that reading carries can only meet its way by broadening the horizon and the way we feel about ourselves.