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The art of staying genuine and true to oneself is something that not all can achieve and for this to happen one must redound in the inner soul to catch a glimpse of who we are. There is a subconscious part of our mind that knows who we are but accepting our reality makes it harder to comprehend. It creates a dilemma about what is true and what ought to be true. In this never-ending loop of attaining things, one forgets the harsh reality of the situation and the entire focus is shifted elsewhere. Being individuals, it is pretty normal to think in a manner that no one else thinks of. It is wise to accept it rather than amalgamating decisions on the basis of the crowd and going with the majority despite disagreeing with them.

Authenticity is what separates us from the others and makes us who we are. And if we lose it to charm people, we lose our identity. The inner soul always remains the same and does not change as per the situations, it makes things change according to what it thinks, and this constant part must not be faked even if it leads to a temporary betterment for anything. True goals are achieved by being true to oneself. Our motive is not to impress the others but ourselves, it is the only satisfaction that matters. If there is an added pressure to be fake then it should be eliminated, cheating oneself is the worst thing that a person can think of. It is all right to not make sense all the time and sound unsure. An opinion if faked can lead to a lot of troubles landing in a person’s way causing additional hocus-pocus in life.

Admitting to all the flaws and the insecurities that our brain gathers is the best way of dealing with this. Promoting the notion of real personality can reduce the amount of stress, anxiety and early failures that clutter the mind and manipulate the thinking capability paving way for drifting from reality.