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We are our own Captain, Soldier and Driving Force. No one can influence us more than our persuasion. There might be a lot of people around who claim to care but in the end, their care would also be helpless if one does not learn to be one’s own caretaker in every aspect of life. Growing and falling are parts of life that are in everyone’s life. One must not dim the fire within due to these emotions. Every day is a fight with a lot of things and yet we thrive through. Making each day count is an important task that we must do. Learning new things every day about ourselves from the people we love makes us connect to ourselves at a deeper level. A lot of people do not know who they actually are because we have accepted the mask that we wear in front of others every day.

The mask needs to be uncovered and the real self must be revealed to ensure that the real part of us always remains alive no matter what the world preaches. There is nothing fixed and nothing that we should depend on. We must have the independence of living on our own terms at a certain age and be independent enough to raise ourselves. We cannot live off on other’s resources for long, a sense of alienation always remains when others are involved. We must face our fears and be in situations that test us. It is important to make mistakes and learn how to stay out of them in the long run. Not relying on anyone does not necessarily mean turning a cold shoulder to everyone. It involves taking responsibility for every action that we take.