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We are like Sindbad the Sailor, leading our way to unknown destinations without a minimum idea of what is going to happen. But we still hop on the ride, we know it is not going to be easy, but it is the only thing that kicks the adrenaline and makes sure that things are happening in the right way. Every time we are on board, we do not anticipate the course of weather or any other exoteric influence that can alter our journey. But when things do not occur in the way we want them to, we have no option but to face the storm.

Jumping off the ship to the sea would also result in a fatal accident. So, we take risks to ensure that our ship reaches a harbor to dock itself. Efforts are made and somehow everything gets managed. When we reach the destination, we analyze if it is the final destination or just another stop on a long journey. Hesitation and fear have no place in the mind of a navigator. Although there are days when the seasickness prevails over the motivation. But that temporary feeling soon fades away when the view is cherished. The winds and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators. The presence of mind frames an important component because there is so little time to manage things and if the time passes away the results might be fatal. Life is an adventurous journey only if we see it from that perspective. We are sailing to our destinations and we are bound to cross paths with other people, but it is not necessary that they have to board our ship to reach the same destination.

Everyone must be cherished no matter how small their role is. The World is an amalgam of all these sailors who are lost yet they have a sub-conscious destination set in their minds.