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It is not an easy task going against some force. There are situations when it becomes necessary to rebel and move towards the things that attract one and entice like no other.

Not everyone can be the same person and ideal kid of their parents. How boring would life be if it goes on that way? A lot of people take up professions under the pressure of their parents or people around and by the time they start doing a job, the realization dawns in and it gets too late to do anything. It is essential for us to realize when we are driving with the current of the stream and when the stream is pulling us along with it. The moment the latter feeling is sensed, initiatives should be taken to change the course and not follow it blindly. If everyone starts reaching out for the same thing, there will be no individualism, and everyone would be seen as the same. Being genetically different, we have a fixating pulse inside us persuading us to do things that might not be simple or generic.

Life is not meant to be plain and boring. It is a series of adventures that must be taken up in order to enjoy the true nectar of the great hustle that it is to start from nothing and work towards a future wherein we become a part of the dream that we think of throughout our lives.